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Beauty chases to keep up with her, playing with lights and shadows inside her lens. She finds the vulnerability in her subjects-- and somehow manages to capture introspective secrets that are typically hidden from the eye of the outsider. Her photos tell stories, give shape to emotions, and solve mysteries. Brushstrokes across time, her gift for capturing movement in still images had made her transition to film seamless. There is a softness in the lines of her work, a femininity that shows you how..

It's a world you might barely remember from your very earliest waking seconds: a dreamlike fog that briefly clouds reality before you have the chance to rub your eyes. It's a yesterday that you aren't sure if you imagined, a sense of adventure tucked between white cotton sheets eager for tomorrow, a dance in focus between the seductive and innocent. 

Kate Blaising is an artist from the inside out, finding her home in photography and film, but with heavy influences from music, fashion, architecture and moments. She is a fierce supporter of music and art, a wonderful, loving mother to Otis and Rabbit, and has a knack for coaxing confidence from even the most camera shy. It is imagined by acquaintances that her brain is a series of sparks in a graceful panic amidst the velvet grey matter of real life memories and wishful thinking.

-Carrie Calliope Musicals